Excerpts our body of work, and other collaborative video projects. 




How do TikTok dance challenges translate to the concert dance stage? That's the question we asked ourselves, and this is our response. 

Lighting Design: Lori Honeycutt

Dancers: William Acker, Elaina Alspach, Colby Calhoun, Danielle Georgiou, Kelli Howard

Special Note: This piece was set to premiere at the 2020 Faculty Dance Concert at Eastfield College in Mesquite, TX. The live concert was canceled due to COVID-19. However, the Eastfield College Dance Department created a live-stream event, and the show went on with just the performers and crew in the theatre. It was streamed on Friday, March 13 through Facebook Live and Instagram and reached audiences nationally and internationally.

Dances With Whales (Keiko – Always On My Mind)

Dances With Whales (Keiko – Always On My Mind)
As performed at Aurora 2018 in Dallas, TX
A collaboration with artist Magnús Sigurdarson
Choreography, Sound Design, and Costumes by Danielle Georgiou
Foam and Whale Installation by Magnús Sigurdarson 
Performance by the Danielle Georgiou Dance Group


A Beckettian look at baseball as a series of rituals & blusters. 
Crafted through improvisational sessions with the performers and directed by Danielle Georgiou, NIGHT GAME is inspired by the American dance forms of Jazz and Tap and explores how America's game breathes ambition into the void of youth. 
NIGHT GAME was staged at Sweet Pass Sculpture Park (Dallas, TX) as part of Buxtoof’s performance series entitled “Dugout” loosely based on the Terry Allen text by the same name. This performance was featured during the Bush League exhibition.

It's So Nice To Be Nice

A scene from NICE, which premiered in November 2014 at Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre for the AT&T Performing Arts Center's Elevator Project.


“Without A Body” blends contemporary dance with ideas of clowning and sketch comedy. With references to historical moments of musical theatre and performance art, the resulting combination provides a witty movement complement—initially as Laurel and Hardy-esque duet, later as creative visual amplification of the subjects and themes explored in the text.

Music: Black Taffy

Lighting Design: Lori Honeycutt

Dancers: William Acker and Elaina Alspach

DGDG does the Nelken Line

In October 2017, we led a series of public movement workshops to teach the score of "The Nelken Line" to members of the DFW community. This video is part of a large project hosted by the Pina Bausch Foundation. This video was also a part of our year-long residency with the Dallas Public Library's Fine Arts Division, and was completed in cooperation with Kitchen Dog Theater. Filmed on location at the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library (Dallas, TX). Video by Trent Stephenson and Jonathan Taylor. 

Pasta La Wasta

A scene from DONKEY BEACH, which premiered in June 2017 at Hamon Hall, inside the Winspear Opera House, for the AT&T Performing Arts Center's Elevator Project.

Behind-The-Scenes of WAR FLOWER

Behind-The-Scenes footage from a performance of WAR FLOWER, which premiered in January 2017 at the Bath House Cultural Center. Video by Jourdan Aldredge for D Magazine. 

"Gender Neutral Bathroom in the Sky"

A song from our original production The Show About Men (as performed at the Festival of Independent Theatres at the Bath House Cultural Center in July 2015, Dallas, TX)

Excerpts from "NICE"

Excerpts of "NICE" performed at the Dallas Museum of Art (Dallas, TX)

Special performance for the April Late Night event (2015).

The Duets

An excerpt from DGDG's "Dirty Filthy Diamonds"
Premiered February 2014 at the Margo Jones Theatre in the Magnolia Lounge in Fair Park (Dallas, TX)

In Rehearsal with DGDG and WAR FLOWER

Behind-The-Scenes footage from a rehearsal for WAR FLOWER, which premiered in January 2017 at the Bath House Cultural Center. Video by The Dallas Morning News. 


A solo performed by company member Colby Calhoun. As performed at the 2015 {254} Dance Fest (Waco, TX). 

Behind-The-Scenes of "NICE"

Interview with Zoë Mattioli of Central Track, November 2014. 

Raspberry Batches: A Preview of "Dirty Filthy Diamonds"

DGDG Presents...A preview of "Dirty Filthy Diamonds" running February 26-March 8, 2014 at the Margo Jones Theatre in Fair Park (Dallas, TX)

Beauty/Beast: In Rehearsal

A collaboration with Anne Ferrer (costumes and inflatable sculptures), featuring choreography and an original sound composition by Danielle Georgiou. A public performance occurred at Red Arrow Contemporary (Dallas, TX) in June 2013.


"Roam" tells the struggle of a couple who is trying to distinguish the reality of their relationship compared to the fantasy life they wish to lead through dance.

Made in collaboration with the University of Texas at Arlington. Directed and Choreographed by: Danielle Georgiou; Videographers: Luis Fernando Midence and Ciro Faienza; Music used by permission from the artists.