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"Danielle Georgiou is one of North Texas' most interesting choreographers, the only one dabbling in experimental dance-theater, [and] plans to keep it quirky." 

- Margaret Putnam // Dance Critic // TheaterJones

Grief is vicious in DGDG's theatrical film THE SAVAGE SECONDS

A review of "The Savage Seconds," the first feature-length film by the Danielle Georgiou Dance Group.

Unthinkable chaos yields furious innovation: DGDG premieres theatrical film THE SAVAGE SECONDS

An in-depth interview with Danielle Georgiou and Justin Locklear about the creation and filming process of "The Savage Seconds."

The Show Must Go On With Danielle Georgiou Dance Group

The Danielle Georgiou Dance Group carries on amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  Their original production, “The Savage Seconds,” will finally get an audience – though it will be virtual.

Viral theater

An interview with Danielle Georgiou about "The Savage Seconds," in the Dallas Voice.

Danielle Georgiou Dance Group is Learning How to Make Theatre During a Pandemic

An interview with Danielle Georgiou and Justin Locklear about "The Savage Seconds," by the Dallas Observer. 

Facing a plague and her unhappy family, a girl comes of age in an experimental work, "The Savage Seconds"

A preview by the Dallas Morning News of our original work, The Savage Seconds.

Art and the City: A love letter to Dallas theater, and how storytelling can help us through crisis

A short article about "The Bippy Bobby Boo Show" and what it meant to the artists of DGDG. Our love letter to the city of Dallas and it's theatre and dance community. 

Ghost Lit

Emily Sese of TheaterJones reviews "The Bippy Bobby Boo Show:" Danielle Georgiou Dance Group's The Bippy Bobby Boo Show at Theatre Three deserves to be a Halloween tradition.

'The Bippy Bobby Boo Show' is spooky, kooky fun

Dallas Art Beat reviews The Bippy Bobby Boo Show: "Written by Danielle Georgiou and Justin Locklear, this Halloween-y musical variety show is absurd, metatheatrical comedy gold."

Dallas Review: Theatre Too Presents “The Bippy Bobby Boo Show”

On Stage Blog reviews The Bippy Bobby Boo Show: "...these creatures of the night haunted the Theatre Too stage and treated audiences to a surreal, bizarre, and exceptionally entertaining performance of “The Bippy Bobby Boo Show.”

Written by Danielle Georgiou and Justin Locklear, this quirky, rapid-fire theatrical fever dream felt like a late-night variety show conjured straight out of an alternate dimension."

Ghoulish Games

Katie Dravenstott interviews Danielle Georgiou about The Bippy Bobby Boo Show.

Experience a New Kind of Haunting with The Bippy Boppy Boo Show at Theatre Three

An interview with Danielle Georgiou and Justin Locklear as they prepare for the premiere of The Bippy Bobby Boo Show. 

Dallas' best choreographers strike out in bold new directions this fall

"Probably even Georgiou couldn't have predicted her career path. A dancer, choreographer, dance program coordinator at Eastfield College and now theater director, Georgiou is interested in the way that society has historically dictated gender roles. To that end, she looks for hidden meanings in pop-culture tropes we take for granted or turns them inside-out."

It was rain and shine at Dallas Aurora, where artists tackled issues of political unrest, automation and climate change

An article reviewing our performance at the 2018 Aurora. 

Review of Fending at Dallas Dances

"Danielle Georgiou Dance Group’s Fending placed two performers face-to-face in matching orange biketards and short blonde wigs. Pushing, poking, and grabbing, the two started to explore one another’s personal space with increasingly awkward results. The irony of their perfectly serious faces paired with giggle-worthy missteps and drops fostered competitive and clever interactions." -Emily Sese

Review of Just Girly Things by the Sharp Critic

"Danielle Georgiou has a gift for placing dance in a context that feels organic, less artificial...Just Girly Things [is a] witty, intelligent, insightful piece that shows how women are conditioned to be self-effacing, self-sabotaging, and self-deprecating." -Christopher Soden 

FIT Review: Just Girly Things

" The campy, candy-coated acting and musical numbers shine a light on the main issue at hand: the pressures and expectations that women heap on each other...The cast works beautifully as a cohesive unit, each fully embodying their characters...The issues and observations regarding how maturing girls in that generation found information on navigating that stage of life and their identity are painfully accurate. Not once did an assertion feel exaggerated, overstated, or just flat-out wrong." -Cheryl Callon

A musical? A sitcom? Dance-theater? This Danielle Georgiou show about gender is all of them

Manny Mendoza interviews Danielle Georgiou and Ruben Carrazana about the creation of Just Girly Things. 

FIT Q&A: Danielle Georgiou

Katie Dravenstott interviews Danielle about her evolution as an artist and her latest show ​Just Girly Things, part of the Festival of Independent Theatre. 

Faces of FIT: Danielle Georgiou

An interview with Danielle Georgiou about the Festival of Independent Theatres. 

Faces of FIT: Justin Locklear

Interview with Justin Locklear about the Festival of Independent Theatres. 

Review: Things Missing/Missed

"Danielle Georgiou Dance Group closes the year with a terrific original work, 'Things Missing/Missed'." -Emily Sese


Review: Donkey Beach

"Donkey Beach seamlessly blends live surf rock...popular dance moves...and meticulously timed dialogue that includes a copious amount of ’60s slang like “can you dig it” and “hang ten” to create one totally awesome beach bash." -Katie Dravenstott

Surf's Up!

TheaterJones interviews Danielle Georgiou about "Donkey Beach."

This Dance Show Inspired by '60s Films Like 'Gidget' Is the Fun Beach Escape You Need

The Dallas Observer interviews Danielle Georgiou about "Donkey Beach."

Danielle Georgiou Escapes to Donkey Beach

D Magazine interviews Danielle Georgiou about "Donkey Beach."

Breaking Stereotypes with a Smile: Danielle Georgiou’s Donkey Beach

"... there’s no one in the region – perhaps the state – creating the kind of experimental hybrid pieces that DGDG has been conceiving since Georgiou formed the company in 2011." -Manuel Mendoza

Life on the edge: Avant-garde theater, dance thrive in Dallas

The Dallas Morning News interviews Danielle Georgiou and Justin Locklear about the growing avant-garde theatre and dance scene in Dallas. 

Dance Yourself Clean

Art&Seek Artist Spotlight with Danielle Georgiou


"...this show explores language, culture and ritual in a way that exposes some of the rawest aspects of humanity." -Katrina Bond

Dancing to animal instincts: Danielle Georgiou explores human ritual

The Dallas Morning News interviews Danielle Georgiou about "War Flower."

Danielle Georgiou Dance Group Explores Ritual, Hive Behavior and Rhythms in War Flower

The Dallas Observer interviews Danielle Georgiou and Justin Locklear about "War Flower."

Danielle Georgiou Dance Group Creates a ‘Sexy Nightmare’ in War Flower

Video: D Magazine goes behind the scenes of Danielle Georgiou's "War Flower," a ritualistic exploration of society's information overload.

Dancing with drones, and much more: Danielle Georgiou Dance Group's 'War Flower'

"War Flower juxtaposed the cooperative democracies of animal societies, such as bees that sacrifice themselves for the greater good, with the human tendency to override what's instinctual for individual gain....[it] is that kind of piece, provoking questions about what it means that no doubt would benefit from another viewing." -Manuel Mendoza

DGDG BEST IN BIG D: Professor's Experimental Dance Group Wins Acclaim

An interview with Danielle Georgiou and company profile by The Eastfield College ETCETERA.

"Try not to tear up watching this Tegan & Sarah lip-dub Pride month proposal"

In June 2016, we had the extreme honor of performing in the most epic of all epic proposals for our friends DeAndré Upshaw and Stuart Hausmann! Choreographing and dancing in this flash mob has been our most important performance to date because ‪#‎LOVEWINS‬💍❤️

Entertainment Weekly said the work was ""...impeccably choreographed...," People Magazine ran an special piece on it, as did Brides Magazine, Queerty, Revelist, the Dallas Voice, D Magazine, and The Dallas Morning News. The video went viral and was picked by the UK's The Mirror and The Sun. Currently, the video has been viewed over 98,000 times. 

An Interview with Danielle Georgiou

Thank you to Rise&Talk Radio for featuring Artistic Director and Founder Danielle Georgiou! Check out the interview here!

"It's Okay to Miss Much of What's Being Shown in things missing/missed"

In May 2016, DGDG Producer and Conceptual Artist Justin Locklear devised and directed a new play in Houston, "Things missing/missed."  The Houston Press called performers Melissa Flower Gladney and Philip Hays "immensely intriguing" and said that the show had "moments of real beauty in idea and execution...[and] never lost [the reviewer's] attention." A show that critic Jessica Goldman was "very glad...I didn't miss."

Review: "Pizzicato" at the 17th International Theater Festival

"'Pizzicato'...speaks from the universal, yet intimate (autobiographical) experiences of the performers about the disintegration of personal relationships...Georgiou’s admiration for Pina Bausch’s work is evident not as a replica of style (as one often sees in “techniques” such as that of Martha Graham) but in spirit. I sensed an iconoclastically independent creative energy, and an uncompromising engagement with the physicality of her work. Locklear’s comic relief and his creation of a sound space were his forté." - Teresa Marrero

Dance review: A ‘Pizzicato’ that plucks at relationship themes

"Sometimes, 'Pizzicato' was laugh-out-loud funny. At other times, the anger and angst grew into violence...the episodes portrayed by Georgiou and Locklear never seemed less than familiar." - Manuel Mendoza

The Year in Theater: 2015

"Danielle Georgiou has given the dance world here her special brand of dance-theater, modern and influenced by German expressionism, which she displayed in DGDG’s dance-theater works NICE and The Show About Men." - Mark Lowry

"The year in entertainment: stage"

Arnold Wayne Jones of the Dallas Voices names "The Show About Men" one of the best shows of 2105.

"...this hybrid work from Danielle Georgiou, Justin Locklear and their cast of men made audiences reconsider definitions of masculinity without getting preachy."

Criticalrant’s Final “First Choices” of 2015

DGDG's "The Show About Men" was recognized as the Top Dance Production of 2015 by Alexandra Bonifield from Critical Rant.

"Another View of Dance:" Dance writer Cheryl Callon on some of her favorite dance moments and companies in 2015.

"Nice," "The Show About Men" and "Under Her Skin" was named as Cheryl Callon's favorite dance works of 2015. 

"As Another Theater Year Exits, Look Back at 2015’s Essential Productions"

Theater Critic Elaine Liner names "The Show About Men" one of the best productions of 2015. 

"10 People and Places We're Thankful for in Dallas Culture"

DGDG was named one of the 10 people that the Dallas Observer was thankful for in 2015. 

"Mighty Men"

"DGDG succeeds in altering the audiences’ perception of what society deems to be manly behavior by reminding us...that we are all human and therefore should be allowed to express all the emotions that come with that privilege freely and without judgment." -Katie Morris Dravenstott 

"Performania: Drama with or without a Theater"

Nancy Wonzy writes about Artistic Director Danielle Georgiou's public performance work. 

"8 Reasons Not to Miss Aurora 2015"

Our collaborative public performance installation with The Color Condition and Slik Stockings, was selected as one of the highlights of Aurora 2015. 


DGDG was named Best Dance Troupe of 2015 by the Dallas Observer. 

Best on the Boards: DFW Theatre Critics Forum 2015

DGDG was recognized by the Dallas-Fort Worth Theater Critics Forum in two categories for our work in 2014-2015! Outstanding New Play or Musical for "The Show About Men" and Outstanding Design or Creative Contribution for "NICE" and "The Show About Men." 

"Exchange It Up"

"The most entertaining work of the evening comes from Danielle Georgiou Dance Group in Under Her Skin. Highly theatrical and thoroughly delightful..." - Cheryl Callon

"Modern Dance Festival in Fort Worth ends with a flourish"

"DGDG lightened the mood with Georgiou’s playful, humorous 'Under Her Skin,' a kind of pom-pom war between three dolls gone wild and a pair of sternly humorless schoolmarms." -Manuel Mendoza 

"Identity as Conversation"

"We come to artists . . . for an intimate relationship, a conversation with them as much as ourselves, and with our shared humanity beside. That’s what 'The Show About Men' does." - Amanda Preston

"FIT Review: The Show About Men"

"one of the must-see events of the summer...the performance is superb." - Cheryl Callon 

Review: "The Show About Men" from the Dallas Observer

The Show about Men "has everything you want in a festival production: a strong and attractive cast, witty script...and an original score...that falls pleasantly on the ear...Choreography by Georgiou blends Twyla Tharp-y bursts of loose spins and gymnastic lifts...The surprises and quick shifts in focus from one actor to another, with constant movement around them, make it interesting." - Elaine Liner

"A Question of Manliness: DGDG at FIT 2015"

"The Show About Men" explores "identity, fear, weakness, coming of age, and learning to take first steps toward self-actualization, all universal subjects. The performance makes an exquisite piece of theatre...— beautiful, engaging, skillful and moving." - R. Andrew Aguilar

"It’s a guys’ world in ‘The Show About Men’"

"The Show About Men" is "their most accessible show to date...[with] humor play[ing] a big role and winning tune[s]." - Manuel Mendoza

"REVIEW: First look at Festival of Independent Theatres"

"diverse and crass and funny and sensitive and reflective as the male animal himself...[it's] simply a hoot...[and] all the stories...paint a hopeful yet complex picture of manhood." - Arnold Wayne Jones

"Figuring How Men Fit In"

Danielle Georgiou lets you in the creative process as DGDG prepares for the Festival of Independent Theatres.

"Performance group combines modern dance and physical theater"

An interview with Danielle Georgiou and Justin Locklear. 

"Loop Review: NICE"

" a full emersion into a world that pokes fun at Emily Post and society’s addiction to false niceties especially in regards to women. A touchy subject indeed, but Georgiou’s satirical approach brings a lightheartedness to some of the more controversial themes present in the show." -Katie Dravenstott

"On the Edge, Out of the Loop 2015: Take One"

"This is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, masterful work, seething with dramatic tension…and a shame to miss. Possibly the triumph of this year’s LOOP..." - Alexandra Bonifield, Critical Rant

"The Danielle Georgiou Dance Group Is Twice As NICE at Out of the Loop"

"The movements Georgiou has her dancers enact, and the lines of Locklear’s script that they speak, add a layer of menace which is furthered by misogynistic, early 20th-century tunes (“Too Fat Polka” and “Slap ‘er Down Again, Paw”). It’s chilling when you realize that these ancient-sounding songs still carry with them a nugget of truth about our culture." - Lindsey Wilson

"Dance review: Ideas a-popping at Out of the Loop Fringe Festival"

NICE is "a look at the hypocrisy behind societal rules of behavior...Led by Tamara McCarty as the most mean-spirited of the schoolmarms...[and] new cast member Justin Locklear, who also wrote the script, brought fresh clarity to his performance of the text, which is built around Emily Post’s 1920s writings on proper manners." - Manual Mendoza

"Out of the Loop Fringe Fest, a Texas Experiment Now Hitting Lucky 13"

DGDG's "NICE" was named one of the highlights of the 2015 Out of the Loop Festival in American Theatre Magazine. 

"Danielle Georgiou: Idea Mover"

Danielle Georgiou was named one of TheaterJones' Forward Thinkers for 2014. Notably dance critic Margaret Putnam says she is "one of North Texas' most interesting choreographers, the only one dabbling in experimental dance-theater, [and] plans to keep it quirky."

Dirty Filthy Diamonds and NICE named one of the top events of 2014 in D Magazine

Musician George Quartz was asked by D Magazine to list his favorite musical performance and/or events of 2014 and he selected Dirty Filthy Diamonds and NICE as two of his top choices. Read an excerpt below:


"...I just can’t express enough the remarkable and unique experience to be present during these events. They are like no other form, even conventional dance. Everything is broken down and reassembled in such a strange and beautiful way that allows for pure escapism and socio-political reflection almost simultaneously. The dancers are disciplined and wild; controlled and unhinged. The perfectly insane music by Jermy Johnson and Paul Slavens is the sweet air you breathe on Planet DGDG."

The Year in Dance: 2014

Margaret Putnam of TheaterJones named NICE one of the top 10 dance performances in 2014! And fellow dance critic Cheryl Callon named us on her must-see list for 2015. 

"Transition marked North Texas dance in 2014"

"No one else in Dallas is even attempting to do what Georgiou does so well. Inspired by performance art and European dance theater, the conceptually minded choreographer created two multimedia works, Dirty Filthy Diamonds and Nice, that commented on societal rules of behavior and the resulting hypocrisy." - Manuel Mendoza

"Critic's Choice: A Big Loss, New Choreographers Kept Dance Writer Manny Mendoza On His Toes In 2014"

DGDG and Danielle Georgiou were named one of dance critic's Manuel Mendoza's highlights from 2014 during an interview with KERA's Ann Bothwell for Art&Seek that aired on NPR.


"...Danielle is a really interesting choreographer in town...there’s really nobody else doing this kind of performance art, European-style dance in town. A lot of people don’t know what to make of her, but I think that’s a great thing."

"NICE -- A look inside the Danielle Georgiou Dance Group"

Check out this behind the scenes video and interview with Danielle Georgiou and Justin Locklear, co-directors of DGDG, by Zoë Mattioli, SMU student and writer with Central Track.

"Sugar & Spice: Scenes from Danielle Georgiou Dance Group's Closing Performance of Nice"

"...for as often as the performers made this audience laugh, so too did they leave the crowd speechless once more."


Central Track came to review and photograph the closing performance of NICE at the Wyly Theatre. Click below to read the review and view photographs from the show.

"Nice Work, and They Got It"

Margaret Putnam of TheaterJones calls NICE, "Fantastical, dreamlike and often funny, [it] captures the complex rhythm of contemporary life as the youth of today experience it."

"DGDG's New Dance Work, NICE, Has Spice"

Theatre critic Elaine Liner reviewes NICE and says that "the performers...all exhibit triple-threat talent. These are dancers who aren't just going through the motions. In the sequences referencing abuse and sexual assault, their acting matches their well-trained physical expression."

"Thought-provoking show ‘NICE’ aggressively examines social conventions"

"NICE deftly surveys the evolution of politeness as a front for repression, hypocrisy and truly bad it moves from Emily Post's 'simpler' time to the more complex present, the show suggests that we've at least become aware of the contradictiosn inherent in society's attempts at social control. Isn't that nice?" - Manuel Mendoza

"Playing Nice"

"The work is divided into various situations (i.e. the wild girl scene, mob scene and debutante ball) depicting what society deems nice behavior with respect to women. Georgiou cleverly blends traditions and stereotypes such as coming out parties and 1950s’ housewives etiquette with today’s more loose manners to produce an effect that is both disturbing and amusing." - Katie Dravenstott

"Emily Post’s advice echoes throughout DGDG production ‘NICE’"

From an interview and preview of NICE with Manuel Mendoza of the Dallas Morning News: "'Why were we so afraid of women with power? Why are we still afraid of that now? There is something really beautiful about exploring the ugly that exists within us, and the writers and directors of those films did that. By asking questions, by talking to my dancers, to the artists that I work with, to my friends and family, I guess I’m trying to find answers.'" - Manuel Mendoza

"It’s So Nice To Be Nice: Danielle Georgiou Dance Group At The Wyly Theater"

Danielle Georgiou talking to Art&Seek's Anne Bothwell about "NICE."

Interview: Danielle Georgiou

An interivew with Danielle Georgiou on

"Shades of Blue"

"In the Margo Jones Theatre, the Danielle Georgiou Dance Group debuts the wonderfully weird performance piece Dirty Filthy Diamonds." - Margaret Putnam

"There's a Crazy Dance Show in Fair Park. You Should Go."

"Dirty, Filthy Diamonds" is an example of what modern dance could be: edgy, raw, a little perverse, but pretty damn cool. -- Lauren Smart

"Dance Review: 'Dirty Filthy Diamonds' breaks down walls"

"...there’s barely a fourth wall in Dirty Filthy Diamonds, the Danielle Georgiou Dance Group’s casual yet striking send-up of the human condition..." - Manuel Mendoza

"Diamonds are Forever"

Choreographer Danielle Georgiou discusses the concept behind her company’s latest production, Dirty Filthy Diamonds, plus her experiences with crowdfunding and the state of the local dance community.

"Maverick Movers: Danielle Georgiou"

An interview between Danielle Georgiou and Nancy Wonzy. 

"The Story of Pizzicato Porno, a Dallas Theater Experiment Starring an Orgasmic Chicken"

An interview with Danielle Georgiou and Jamie Laughlin about "Pizzicato Porno."

"Waltz of the Undead: Teatro Dallas’ Jorge Diaz Premiere with DGDG"

"The Danielle Georgiou Dance Group (DGDG) opens the Teatro Dallas Days of the Dead performance with “The Elegant Ghost”, a modern dance macabre “waltz” for three dancers...They almost defy gravity as they lunge, lurch and glide in zombie-like trance to an original William Duckworth composition. UTDallas PhD student Danielle Georgiou directs and choreographs this whimsical collaboration in sound and movement that left this theatre critic pining for more. Together, these works offer a stimulating, intriguing evening’s worth of unique performance art." - Alexandra Bonifield

"2012 in North Texas Theatre: From A Feminist Lens"

Danielle Georgiou listed as Visionary Director of 2012 by Critical Rant. 

"Visionary work mingles with the promising at Bath House"

"...excerpts from the Danielle Georgiou Dance Group’s paradoxically titled 'What This Is Not About,' which put sexy disaffection on cool display." - Manuel Mendoza 

"Bring in the New"

"What This Is Not About was gratifyingly strange, featuring...a score of industrial noise, and frequent chaotic outbursts." - Margaret Putnam

"Danielle Georgiou debuts her new dance company in Love and Vices"

Manuel Mendoza reviews the premiere production of the Danielle Georgiou Dance Group in 2011. 

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