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Gabriela Leodiou



Gabriela is a Greek-Colombian who works as a Company Manager by day at the Dallas Theater Center and works as a local Stage and Production Manager in the evenings within the D-FW community. She moved to Dallas from Houston while she was still freelancing as a Stage Manager and has stayed ever since.

Her true strengths can be summed up by her enthusiasm and fun energy. She understands the fundamentals of staying organized, collaborating with fellow artists, and keeping the lines of communication open and honest. She continues to grow and lead as an ally by being intentional and mindful in her daily work through an EDI (Equity, Diverse, and Inclusive) lens.


She enjoys what she does and looks forward to what the Danielle Georgiou Dance Group will think of next!


Previews DGDG SM Credits: The Bippy Bobby Boo Show: Again! Again!, Stronger Than ArmsThe Bippy Bobby Boo Show, Just Girly Things


Previous DGDG PM Credits: Things Missing/ Missed, The Bippy Bobby Boo Show 2020: Call in Special, The Savage Seconds

Previous SM Credits: Stede Bonnet: A F*cking Pirate Musical at Theatre Three; Andi Boi, Little Women: The Musical, A Wrinkle in Time at Dallas Children’s Theater; Pastry King at AT&T’s Elevator Project Series 2019; Bless Me, Ultima and Tina’s Journey at Cara Mia Theatre.



Gabriela Leodiou on set for Stronger Than Arms.


Gabriela Leodiou on set for The Savage Seconds.

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