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The Danielle Georgiou Dance Group (DGDG) is a dance theatre company that works within the ideas of contemporary dance and physical theatre. Each production is created using an ensemble-based method to devise concepts and choreographic ideas under the direction of Artistic Director/Choreographer Danielle Georgiou, with Producer/Conceptual Artist Justin Locklear. 

DGDG is dedicated to crafting and curating creative dance and theatre works that explore human and social conditions. DGDG educates the public on the power of the art of dance and theatre and provides audiences with a multicultural experience. Whether collaborating or defining their work, DGDG looks for performers who constantly strive to transform themselves, either in image or skill.


As Danielle says, "Technique is your foundation; not your identity."

The Danielle Georgiou Dance Group was selected as Best Dance Troupe by the Dallas Observer for 2020. DGDG also was named Best Dance Troupe in 2017 and 2015, and Best Dance Company for 2016 by the readers of D Magazine.

In 2019, DGDG's original show, Run of Show, was named Best of Fest at the Houston Fringe Festival. The Show About Men (2015) was named Best New Play or Musical and cited for Outstanding Creative Contribution for Choreography by the Dallas Fort Worth Theater Critics Forum Awards. NICE (2014), which premiered at the Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre for the AT&T Performing Arts Center’s Elevator Project, also won for Choreography. DGDG was the first dance company to be asked to participate in the Elevator Project, and the only company asked to return in 2017 for the second iteration of the Elevator Project. Also in 2017, DGDG completed the first-ever year-long artist residency at the Dallas Public Libraries, during which time we conducted monthly performing and visual arts workshops and produced an original production.


DGDG’s seasons for 2017-2014 were listed as highlights of the years in dance by publications including The Dallas Morning News, TheaterJones, and Art&Seek. In 2015, Danielle was named one of TheaterJones’ Forward Thinkers, and in 2012, she was named Outstanding Female Director of 2012 by Critical Rant. DGDG has a wonderful working relationship with numerous dance companies and independent dance and theatre artists in North Texas, as well as visual artists and musicians, including ishi, Dezi 5, Paul Slavens, Jermy Johnson, Unconscious Collective, George Quartz, Sarah Jaffe, Sudie, Midnight Opera, and The Welcome Center.


1. To create and perform innovative and excellent works of contemporary dance theatre.

2. To craft and curate inspiring and accessible works of dance and theatre.

3. To create spaces that are inclusive and support the cultivation of BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities.

4. To participate in community conversations about the power of movement in storytelling and performance.

We are committed to challenging inherited and accepted notions of identity and history, in the interest of disrupting and dismantling patterns of oppression. We are committed to building new relationships with our local community and organizations.


It is our hope that audiences appreciate and delight in our work and leave the theatre engaged in a conversation with themselves, with others, and with the performers. Our goal is to explore the depths of our humanity while reflecting on the many ways in which we connect, interact, and react with one another.


We stand behind providing a welcoming, safe, and supportive space for our artists, audiences, and community. We stand with our BIPOC colleagues in the fight against racial injustice in all its forms.


Photo by Kent Barker

Danielle Georgiou

Artistic Director/Choreographer


Lori Honeycutt

Technical Director

Photo by Kent Barker

Justin Locklear

Producer/Conceptual Artist


Gabriela Leodiou

Production Manager


"...Danielle is a really interesting choreographer in town...there’s really nobody else doing this kind of performance art, European-style dance in town. No one else in Dallas is even attempting to do what she does so well..." 

- Manuel Mendoza // Dance Critic // Dallas Morning News

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