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a decade of dgdg

DGDG: The first 10 years


As we celebrate 10 years on Planet DGDG, we wanted to share some of our favorite memories and stories with all of you! 


We reached out to company members past and present to collect their stories for this fun video! Check it out below! 


We are IN LOVE with what the last decade has brought us and we can't wait to continue creating and exploring with the best artists a group could ask for! 

From Danielle:


I remember stepping off a plane in January 2011, checking my voicemail, and getting that message from Cora Cordona, artistic director of Teatro Dallas, that would change the course of my life. Just one month later, DGDG was created and we opened our first show, Love and Vices, to sold-out audiences. It was a wild one-hour show filled to the brim with ideas that constantly swim around my head -- love stories, historical facts, funny quips, and snacks! We made up the rules as we went, dancing up a storm, making the audience laugh, and just having the time of our lives. And what an incredible journey it has been! We’ve had the opportunity to be a part of hundreds of artists' lives and to create 40 new works of dance theatre. We’ve had the chance to tour and present our work to audiences outside of our hometown and make new friends. We’ve been able to give back to our community in really beautiful ways. And we're still playing by our own rules.


Thank you to everyone involved in these memorable years! Whether you’ve performed, crewed, seen our shows, supported online, or sent love from afar, you’ve added to our DGDG family and we’re so grateful for you! Thank you for supporting us!


Here’s to more dance and theatre and art with this family of ours!


Cheers to the next 10 years and counting!



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