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Written by Justin Locklear and directed by Danielle Georgiou, DGDG's first feature-length film looks at the effects of obsession and celebrity in a world catapulted into disarray by disease and political turmoil. In THE SAVAGE SECONDS, a young girl is sent home from boarding school during a great plague. Her coming of age is hijacked by her powerful but absent parents, malicious siblings, and the surreal confusion of sexuality. 


Visit the partner website for THE SAVAGE SECONDS where you can interact with the story and the characters. The site features biographic material about the characters, personal writings, intimate details, and the opportunity to interact with the actual finished performance. Audience members are able to wander through the layers of the website, learning about the show, to deepen their curiosity and bond with the story. There are many surprises in store. The story is never really over...


The website can be accessed at



To purchase streaming access, email


Tickets are only $10, and all proceeds go to supporting DGDG company members who have lost work because of COVID-19. 



Baby – Elaina Alspach

Father – Jovane Caamaño

Middle Child – Colby Calhoun

Step-Mother – Monet Lerner

Eldest Child – Nick Leos

with Danielle Georgiou as Mother


William Acker

Kelli Howard

Christopher Lew

Sarah Mendez

Omar Padilla

Alondra Puentes

Director/Choreographer: Danielle Georgiou

Screenplay: Justin Locklear

Editors: Justin Locklear, Danielle Georgiou

Director of Photography: Justin Locklear

Production Manager: Gabriela Leodiou

Sound Design: Justin Locklear

Art Direction: Lori Honeycutt

Assistant Choreographer: Colby Calhoun

Wardrobe: Danielle Georgiou

Continuity: Gabriela Leodiou

Production Design: Lori Honeycutt

Location Managers: Danielle Georgiou, Gabriela Leodiou

Musical Contributions: Black Taffy


Producers: Danielle Georgiou, Justin Locklear


Special Thanks

Undermain Theatre, The Cedars Union, The Boedecker, Jordan Roth/Ro2 Art, Eastfield College Theatre and Dance, Andrew Ryan Shephard, The Color Condition


Filmed on location in Dallas, TX.


Copyright © 2020 by the Danielle Georgiou Dance Group

All Rights Reserved


The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. No identification with or similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or to actual events is intended or should be inferred.

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