seven against thebes



Seven Against Thebes

Date and Location TBA

Directed and Choreographed by Danielle Georgiou

Written by Danielle Georgiou and Justin Locklear

In this adaptation of Aeschylus’s ancient Greek tragedy by Danielle Georgiou and Justin Locklear, the climactic battle for control of Thebes is told from the perspective of Antigone, Ismene, and the women of the city. Deadly threatening enemies are standing outside the fragile walls of a city in a country unknown. The citizens continue to live their lives while military campaigns are rising, political and social changes are escalating, and the world as we know it has fundamentally shifted. But when iron and steel turn to dust and there is nothing left but empty promises, tragedy ensues. The city is under siege by an enemy with no name; an enemy who wears many masks. The challenge of survival looms—and what will we have to give up to remain human? Are we our own worst enemy?

A story that will be told through the collaboration of dance, live music, and scripted and devised text.